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Started from a wide range of experience and knowledge that forged from becoming employees of various companies as graphic design and multimedia work such as photo and video taking and editing, website design, website banner, simple animations to create an interactive company profile and other multimedia work untill I ventured myself to become a freelancer related to my skills.

FesProductionis a name that represents our work and our team that handle multi-creative work, and continues to develop itself to be a company that can serve all creative works including projects of you all prospective clients.

FesProduction means Production with fes (written: fast |  be heard= fes), so FesProduction means “produce or create something with fast while maintaining the quality appropriate to the needs and the agreement”, this is also our mission in running our business.

What we do?

Desain & Cetak :
– Branding – Corporate ID: Logo, Kop Surat,
Kartu Nama, Amplop, Brosur, Sertifikat, dll
– Backdrop, Background Foto, dll
– Banner, X Banner, Roll Banner, dll
– Buku: Kwitansi, Buku Tahunan, dll
– Company Profile – Marketing Tools
Foto – Video Dokumentasi :
– Stand Pameran
– Pre Wedding – Wedding       price click here
– Foto Booth
– Seminar
– Perpisahan
– Wisuda, dan event lainnya        price click here
– Motion Graphic / Bumper / TVC
– Banner Website
– Booth / Interior Design
– Website Design & Development
– Interactive Company Profile (CD / DVD)

Rental:      price click here
– PC / Laptop
– TV (Plasma / LED): 32”, 42”, 50+“, dll
– Projector : 2500 – 10.000 lumens,
Screen: 2x1m, 2x3m, 3x4m, 4x6m, dll
– Backwall, Sounds, Lighting,
– Tenda berbagai bahan dan ukuran
– Dll

Others Production:

– Merchandise: Pin berbagi jenis dan ukuran
– Jasa Pemasangan Backdrop / Sticker di berbagai tempat
– Produksi Seragam dengan berbagai bahan (PS, Cotton, Lacoste,Drill, dll)
– Sablon: Kaos (T-Shirt, Polo) Seragam, di bahan Sticker, di bahan impraboard, dll
– Paper bag / Goodie bag bahan Spunbound, dll

FesProduction© siap melayani apapun kebutuhan Anda baik skala kecil hingga besar dengan harga yang kompetitif,
Silakan hubungi kami di halaman contact untuk request apapun kebutuhan Anda.

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